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My Facation (Facebook Vacation) Time

Recently I took a Facebook vacation, or, as I like to call it, a Facation (not to be confused with a fake vacation). My Facation started rather uneventfully. No packing of suitcases, no plane tickets, no suntan lotion and no special announcements. Moreover, it was completely unplanned, beginning spontaneously as one day I simply decided to log out. Read more

Being Humane and Being Fair

This weekend I had an interesting discussion with a good-intentioned, but misinformed American. She was convinced that the majority of America’s poor live fantastic lives receiving free luxury apartments, regularly purchase lobster dinners with food stamps and receive an extra thousand a week for each child they have. When I inserted some facts into the discussion by pointing out the fallacy in her statements, she wrapped up the discussion quickly and left. Read more

The Long Fight for Justice

2014-05-18-ows-thumbVoluntarily giving up power is a rare event. Groups who lack power nearly always have to battle the status quo to gain access to what are later considered basic rights.

History books often gloss over the fact that our Founding Fathers were the colonial elite. They were white men of privilege. Not coincidentally, the document they crafted was a balance of political philosophy and the practical desires of men of wealth to preserve their power and property as much as possible. Read more

American Inequality: Ticking Time Bomb

Inequality has been on everyone’s lips from President Obama to Mayor DeBlasio, from the Wall Street Journal and New York Times to The Indypendent.

Which inequality? There are plenty to choose from, including gender, racial, income, and wealth though the one that resonates across the political spectrum is the inequality of opportunity. Read more

More than Black and White in NYC

When Bill de Blasio was sworn in as the mayor of New York City, the ceremony was filled with celebrities, political leaders and other members of New York City’s community.

I noticed a few themes constantly repeated as I listened in the audience on that bitterly cold day. Read more